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How would you define wellness?

I have spent the majority of my life thinking wellness was being physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually balanced.  I now would define wellness as being at peace within my heart and mind no matter what my external circumstances are.

What has brought me an inner peace like that?

My faith in God.

(If "God" doesn't resonate with you, insert "love" for God.)

If you are seeking peace,

I encourage you today to put the following actions steps into practice...

1.  Be still.

Create space in your day to be still.

Even if it's two minutes, make a commitment to yourself to practice being still, to calm the body and focus the mind (see below).

2.  Know God (aka love).

How will you "know God"?  

Only you can determine what this will look like.  It may simply be meditating on a specific phrase such as "Be still and know God" (aka love).  It may be finding resources to learn more about God.  It may be reading scripture or a devotional to be more connected and plugged in.

Choose what method you will use to "know God (aka love)" and then do it.

Then practice this again tomorrow, and the next day…and the next.  Make being still and knowing God (aka love) a priority each day as the first step on YOUR path to peace.  

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