There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

I encourage you to trust that there IS enough time each day to do what you NEED to do.

Read that again.

There IS enough time each day to do what you NEED to do.

Need versus want.  That is the catch.  

Today I encourage you to:

  1. Write out your things to do list.
  2. Label each item a need or a want.
  3. Having trouble with that task?  Meditate on:  "Teach me to number my days so I may gain a heart of wisdom"
  4. Now do only what you have marked as a need today.


  • I was stressing myself out today over things that could be done tomorrow.  I had trouble seeing a need versus a want. My husband helped me see it more clearly when he said to me one day,"Does that have to be done today or can it be done tomorrow?"  He asked this about a shirt I wanted to return to a store.  I prefer to get things checked off my to do list and it felt like a need but the truth was it as a want.  
  • "Priority determines capacity" is a quote from Andy Stanley's sermon, Time of Your Life, below.  Meditating on this helped me realize if I put what was a priority first, whatever else needs to be done will fall into place.
  • Time is precious.  I see this clearly when I have lost a loved one.  I recognize how fleeting time is and gain wisdom as to what matters.  My hope is to enter each day with perspective that my days are numbered and to use my time wisely.
  • For more encouragement, visit my time pinterest page or read my time related blogs below.


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