Speaking Reviews

"Shawn George is the friend everyone wishes they had.  I am blessed to actually be her friend, but before I officially met her, I heard her speak and she made me feel like I had known her for years.  Even more comforting was the feeling that she knew and understood me.  I have had the honor and pleasure of listening to her speak on many occasions, and each time her words have reached a different place in my heart..sometimes a place I did not even know existed.  Her words make me want to be a better person without ever making me feel that I am not good enough as I am. She is accepting, genuine, motivating and inspiring. And, while God is the foundation of her journey in life, there is nothing preachy about her delivery.  She realizes that we are all on different paths experiencing our own unique journeys.  All I can say is that whatever path you are on, you would be lucky to meet Shawn along the way." - Heather N.
"Shawn George has a natural ability to make connections with others, whether in person or on the pages of her book, My Journey to Live From the Inside Out.  As a speaker, Shawn's calm, approachable demeanor and warmth of personality radiate God's love.  She meets the audience with refreshing honesty and openness about life struggles and provides practical advice based on her own experiences.  Her sense of humor put the audience at ease even as she addresses serious issues.  I left her presentation with a sense of empowerment and the inspiration to live out my calling.  I believe that her message is applicable to all audiences in all stages of life and is beneficial to anyone who is looking to start living the life God intended for them, from the inside out." - Tiffany D.
At the beginning of every year, I struggle as a Catechist to motivate myself to dive deeper into my own faith.  This year I was completely blown away when Shawn George spoke at our Convocation.  Her true and poignant story of her own journey moved  most of us to tears.  She guided us through exercises and challenges that touched on every aspect integrating faith and prayer into everyday life.  She was the most vulnerable and touching speaker that I have encountered in many years.  Shawn is a true gift and a shining ray of light.  She has touched me deeply." - R.N.

Feedback from a presentation to over a hundred 7th and 8th graders....

"Thank you for presenting to the 7th and 8th graders on Sunday evening. My daughter came home and told me ALL about it and then added that it was the best edge night EVER.  Thank you for nourishing my girl's faith. I wanted you to know that you made an impact." Therese S.
"My son really enjoyed your program on Sunday evening.  We talked about it the whole way home.  What a wonderful message you gave the kids!" - Amy D.
"My daughter loved your presentation!" - Suzanne L.
"I just wanted to tell you how much our son enjoyed your talk tonight at Faith Formation. Thank you so much for always giving so much of your time and self to the community, and for opening up about your journey. You're a real inspiration!" - Diane E. 

Teaching Testimonials

"Shawn's yoga classes are like a mini-retreat.  She makes you feel welcome and cared for, and meets you where you are in your body, mind and spirit.  She is a talented, professional practitioner, but you never feel the session is about her - it's about you.  Shawn guides her class seamlessly from pose to pose, giving options for those who need to do a little less, or can do a little more.  She gives individual direction subtly, and knows how to use humor to keep it real.  Shawn builds purpose into her sessions - there is both a physical and spiritual focus.  She has an amazing way of helping you relax while gently pushing you to stretch a little more, be it in your poses, in your relationship with God, with yourself, or with others.  When you leave Shawn's yoga class, Scripture verse in hand, you feel stronger, more open, more peace-filled and ready to live the rest of the day with intent.  Of course, you want to come back for more."  - Ann D. 
"I love attending your Christian yoga class, Shawn!  Not only is my body stretched and challenged, but I find my heart and soul touched and drawn closer to God. I love the way you weave scripture and personal reflection as we follow your yoga instruction on our mats. Although I am usually trying valiantly to make my body perform the moves, I also am learning to listen to God and be thankful for what I can do. Your gentleness and encouragement are a huge help as I seek to grow spiritually as well as physically.  Many thanks!" -  Linda T.
"Certainly, there are amazing benefits to practicing yoga. The worldly view of yoga puts most of the focus on the inner self and feelings that are all self centered. I loved Shawn’s teaching because it was Christ centered rather than self-centered. Shawn had each student meditate on a Bible verse which seemed to speak to each one of us personally. Shawn’s passion for quieting your mind and focusing on what’s truly important, especially for us Mom’s, was transforming for me." - Courtenay K.

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