How would you define health?

The definition of health has changed for me throughout the years.  Today, health to me is focused improving the quality of one's mind and body so they will can be a vessel for love.

Where I have come to when it comes to my health is that I am not interested so much any more about the quantity of my life as the quality. Do I hope to live long? Absolutely. But do I really have a say in the number of days I will live? I would like to think so, but honestly, I am not so sure about that. So instead I focus on the quality of my days.

I guess if I had to make a list of where I put my energy to improve the quality of my health, these would be my stepping stones: 

  • Prayer/Meditation

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Helping others

  • Food

  • Exercise

  • Sleep…and rest

  • Play and Laughter

These tools help nourish me from the inside out.

Today I encourage you to:

  1. Create a list of what would help you improve the quality of your health.
  2. Prioritize the list of most significant to least significant for who you are.
  3. Create an action step for each item on your list.
  4. Today DO the action step for the first item on your list.  Do it again tomorrow, and the next day.  Begin to move in the direction of your intention to improve the quality of your health.
  5. For more encouragement visit my health pinterest page and read my health related blog posts below.



Gratitude Journal

  • Get a journal and write at least 5 things you are grateful for each day.

Helping Others

  • Find opportunities to love on someone you know, become a volunteer in your town or become active volunteering through an organization (



  • I enjoy Beachbody workouts.  I have been doing them for years in the morning in my basement.  
  • Get an accountability or workout partner. Encourage each other to set/meet goals.


  • Create a bedtime for yourself.  You know how much sleep you need to be the best expression of yourself.  Set a bedtime to give yourself the amount of rest you need.  I know when my kids get less sleep they are cranky and I strongly believe the same is true for adults.  I can only speak for myself but when I am overtired I am less patient, more irritable, etc.   When I am well rested, every around me is thankful for it:-)
  • Schedule in breaks in your day.  Whether it be a trip to grab a cup of coffee, take a walk, workout, pray/meditate or even take a catnap, etc., schedule breaks into your day to give yourself the physical, mental, and spiritual break you need.  Use the break as a way to come back to center and renew your mind, body and Spirit.

Play and Laughter

  • Be spontaneous.  Little love notes to your spouse and kids, kitchen dance parties, trips to the playground for a picnic, playing in the yard together, bike rides, hikes, a trip to the bookstore…whatever is your families thing, surprise those you love and spend some time together, laughing and having fun.
  • Schedule in FUN!  From date nights, family time (game night, outdoor adventures, etc.), walks and/or nights out with friends, etc.  Make these dates a priority to help bring you back to center by spending quality time with those who nourish you.  
  • Jimmy Fallon.  Enough said.  (My personal favorites are the thank you cards and lip-sync battles)