My Journey to Live From the Inside Out

Readers are saying it is...

"Honest - Heartfelt - Genuine - Relatable - Brave - Insightful - Inspiring"

A Place for Sam

Readers are saying it is....

"Engaging - Powerful - Heartwarming - Relatable - Important - Comforting - Inspiring" 

In this compelling memoir, Shawn Elizabeth George is transparent about her struggles with anxiety and depression, and other stumbling blocks along her life’s journey. She lived with fear as her core and was constantly seeking anything outside herself to bring her peace. When she fell into her deepest pit of depression, hitting a wall with her spiritual walk with yoga, she was turned upside down. It was when she began to mingle with her Christian roots she started gaining traction back in her life. When she started infusing God’s love into her marriage, parenting, finances and more, her life was transformed. Shawn’s story will encourage you to stop living defined by your struggles and inspire you to live from the inside out with love as your core.

A Place for Sam is an engaging story about a puzzle piece, Sam, who cannot find her place in the puzzle.  Sam wants to change how she was made to fit in somewhere. The captivating character takes us beside her as she searches for her place in the puzzle.  A Place for Sam is a timeless story that will capture the heart of each child, parent and teacher reading it.  Sam's puzzle infuses hope that each piece of the puzzle is made exactly as it needs to be and has value and purpose....just like you!

This is Shawn's first children's book.  She is thrilled to share its important message with kids everywhere and is thankful for Jan Z. Cohen, the Illustrator, for bringing her story to life!