Day 17 - The Power of WHY

Have you already convinced yourself to take today off and start again tomorrow?  Me too.  But then I circle back not to what my goals are but the why behind them.

Why do I have the goal to live from the inside out with God's love as my core?

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  • To be at peace in my own heart and mind.
  • To have a strong marriage.
  • To be the person I need to be for my children to grow into their best self.
  • To be present for others.
  • To give my time, energy and resources where there is a need.

When I read my whys, why would I wait for tomorrow when I can be another step closer to these today?

I offer for you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Determine the whys behind your goals.  My guess is they are worth you not waiting until tomorrow.  Take your next step towards your goal today being fueled by the power of why.

Be well,