A Place for Sam - Read Aloud

To get a copy of A Place for Sam to share Sam's message with a child in your life, or to learn more about Shawn, Jan and Sam, visit: WWW.APLACEFORSAM.COM A Place for Sam is available can be ordered at your local bookstore or it can be found at online book retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Recently I was invited to a school to read A Place for Sam.  When I learned about the school, I was grateful the teacher had learned about the book to be able to share Sam's message with her students.  What I realized though, is that if it wasn't for their teacher, the majority of the students would not have heard Sam's story. 


Because these children's families don't have the means to spend money on extra things like books. These children come from homes where meeting daily needs is a struggle.

Jan and I don't just want Sam's message into the hands of those who can afford it, we want every child across the globe to hear that they are unique, they are valuable and they are loved! 

Enter: Our A Place for Sam - Read Aloud video

I say this as I write on a computer and know that if a child's family doesn't have the means to get a book, how would they see this on a computer?  Well, my hope is that this message gets into the heart of someone who does have the ability to bring this message to those children, in what every way they can - by showing them this video or getting the book to share with them.  Our hope is that children across the globe will come to know Sam and realize they too have a place and a purpose in this beautiful world.  

We share this message with hope that children everywhere will be encouraged by Sam's story, that peace comes from embracing who you are, inside and out, and becoming the person you were made to be.

With love and hope,

Shawn, Jan and Sam