Strong in Heart

This is the most awkward post I have ever done.  I am a behind the camera kind of girl but I chose to put myself out there today to share the truth that true transformation begins within.

I love being active.  Most of my life I was active because I was discontent in my heart.  I worked out because I thought if I took care of my outside, my inside would be at peace.  I can look back at pictures when I was in the best shape of my life and on the outside I may appear well but on the inside I was still not at peace.

What I have come to learn is that to be well within, I needed to take time to work on the inside.

I am sharing this video to give you some food for thought...




To grow strong enough to do these 50 push-ups I started at 10 and then added 2 a day for the next 21 days.  

I dedicated the time, used my energy constructively and was disciplined daily.

When I started having a morning prayer time I would read a quick paragraph which took maybe a minute.  Over the past seven years, my prayer time has grown to about an hour in length most mornings. 

I now spend twice as much time in the morning cultivating my Spirit, mind and heart - through my readings, prayer, meditation and my gratitude journal - than I do working out.

I used this video to demonstrate what can happen when you choose to use your time and energy consistently; you grow stronger.  I can show how I have grown physically stronger but it is difficult for me to show the internal strength I have been building.  

I hope this parallel encourages you to know that change is possible, you just need to start - and begin within.

I still love working out but know that it is a way for me to improve the quality of my life.  My morning prayer time is where I receive my peace and grow strong in heart.

I hope you take the time and use your energy consistently to grow into the person you were made to be!  When you are your best self your life will be fuller and you will be the shining light to those around you inspiring others to grow into their best self:-)

Be well,