Detour on the Backroads


This weekend my husband and I took a road trip to Vermont to celebrate his 40th birthday.  

When we were leaving one, of the gracious owners of where we stayed gave us this map.  He had highlighted a route with stops along the way if we took the longer way, off the highway.  We weren't in a rush and left early enough to take this beautiful drive through the Green Mountainside.  

There was so much about this trip that nourished me.  This stillness and beauty of the colorful landscape, the quaint places we visited that we would have missed if we were on the highway, and being with Stephen, often in silence.  Simply being together was enough.

As I come back to my "new normal" as people call it, I am not interested in hopping back on the highway of life, speeding by people and places that will nourish me. 

Instead I plan to go slow on the backroads.  Creating margins in my day to spend quality time with others, to pause to enjoy the views, and to stop into places and connect with people.  

I know the highway calls my name but the backroads call my soul.

I share this as an invitation for you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And take the next exit off the highway with me.  Join me on the backroads for a ride much simpler and sweeter.  It will take us being directional, not intentional, to make it happen.

"Direction, not intention determines your destination.  You can have the best intentions to go to Florida but if you hop on the highway heading North, you will never get there.  You need to move in the direction of your destination." -Andy Stanley

In order to take the backroads, we can't just intend to do it, we need to make a choice and actually take the exit off the highway.  Every day we have a choice...let's just start with today.

I hope to see you on the backroads.  Maybe I will run into you at the country store, while I am sipping on some tea and enjoy the beautiful views - in between soccer, football and softball practices;-)  

With love and hope,