A Heartwarming Gift

So this happened last night💝

For our son's 10th birthday we gifted him tickets to see his favorite musician, Brad Paisley.  When we arrived in our seats we struck up a conversation with the couple next to us.  Interestingly, it turns out they are from Charlestown which is where I stayed during my time in Boston! I thought that was pretty cool...Anyways, in our brief conversation I had shared that we were there for our son's birthday.

Well, halfway through the show we took our children to get some ice cream.  When we walked back in I was with my son, the birthday boy, and he asked for a shirt.  I told him no.  And he said "okay, but if I got one I'd want the jersey." I smiled and restated we weren't getting a shirt and we continued on back to our seats.

About ten minutes later our concert neighbors left their seats.  When they came back they had this shirt in their hands!  They handed it to my son and wished him a Happy Birthday💝. He was in shock.  His smile said it all. 
Happy tears started flowing out of me.  I mean really?! How incredibly thoughtful of this couple to give him a gift?!... and without their knowledge they gifted him the exact shirt he had just pointed out to me!

Doesn't that just make your heart smile?! This selfless act of love inspires me to live out love too💕 It's not in the getting of things but in the heart of this action that is so beautiful to me.

This weekend has been packed full of extraordinary memories for our family.  As Brad Paisley says, 

"And the memory of a day like today, can get you through the rest of your life." 

All these memories are captured deep in our hearts and we will carry them forever... 

As for today?  We will go back to making memories doing ordinary things like the laundry, legos, and visiting the library😊

With a grateful heart,