Give A Little Love


So this happened. Yes, that is my kindergartener's little forehead peeking out.  Today is his first day of school...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

All three are back to school and filled with joy for their day ahead.  


Well, I am happy for them and sad for me.  

I had a nice cry but now I have a choice to sit and dwell or live out love instead. 

I choose to live out love instead.  

What do I mean?

I learned when I was diagnosed back in January that I could get wrapped up in my story or continue to live out love.  It was a seesaw between the two but I kept trying to lean into living out love.  


Because love heals the soul.

For example, within days of my diagnosis a need came my way and I was able to coordinate a clothing collection for kids in Haiti.  Every day when I walked in my breezeway, I was filled with joy because I knew we were doing God's work, even with cancer.

The sadness I feel right now is tempting me to sit here and dwell on it. But instead, like my diagnosis, I want to use these emotions as fuel to see more clearly the work that is mine to do for God.

Houston is on my heart, as I am sure it is on yours.  I am not coordinating a collection but I did want to ask each of you to consider this...

Make a choice today to NOT spend money on something and instead choose to donate what you would have spent to our neighbors in Houston.


Make a choice that whatever you spend on your family today, you will match it, donating the same amount to Houston. 

Many of you have been keeping everyone in Houston in your thoughts and prayers.  Praying for others is all some of you may be able to do.

But for those that have resources available, please join me by living out love towards our neighbors in Houston; caring for them as we would like to be cared for if we were in the same circumstances.

Whether you have a little one heading off to Kindergarten or there is something else weighing on your heart, choose to live out love today - to those in Houston or wherever else you see a need.  It is a gift to be able to see beyond our own circumstances and meet the need(s) of someone else.  Choosing to come beside those in need is what we are here to do.  And while we are helping them, we are healing ourselves at the same time.  

With hope,


"Love your neighbor as yourself" - Mark 12:31