Time Waiting is not Time Wasted

I am sitting waiting to go into an appointment and there is an emergency on the floor. Lots of people scrambling around to help the patient in need.

One of many things I have learned through this time is that time spent waiting is not time wasted. Sitting and watching people go by gives me opportunities to pray for others. I don't know their story, or what the outcome will be, but I can wish the patient well and complete healing, I can pray that the doctors have wisdom to know how to help, that the family is comforted and that all will be well in time. 

When I was in my yoga training instead of prayer we practiced a loving kindness meditation, wishing those who crossed our path to be filled with lovingkindness, that they be well, peaceful, at ease, and that they be happy.

Whatever resonates with you, may we see the time we have waiting, from grocery store lines, traffic jams, to waiting at an appointment as opportunities to ...

Pause. Breathe. Pray/Meditate for those around us. 

We don't need to know their story to wish them well. It makes the time go by and gives purpose to our thoughts that could otherwise grow impatient and frustrated. So the next time you find yourself waiting, give it a try. 

Why not?

Be well,