The Freedom Trail

2017 LFTIO Freedom Trail.jpg

I was unaware of what the Freedom Trail was until last week, when Stephen introduced it to me.  It is a two and a half mile trail, marked by a double red brick path around Boston.  By following this path, it will take you by sixteen historically significant places throughout the city.  It's pretty amazing to see it woven into the fabric of the city as it is.  I walked along it a number of times in our previous visits to Boston but had no idea that the double brick path had a purpose.

It makes me think about how often we may be walking our path in life but without a purpose behind our steps.  The Freedom Trail has invigorated my steps in the morning.  Walking a purposeful path fills my cup.

It is pretty powerful to be able to walk along the Freedom Trail everyday.  As I am purposefully walking my path to be cancer-free, seeing this physical representation daily is a reminder for me to take time to go slow.  My freedom trail requires that I take time to nourish myself in Spirit, mind and body.  I am spending this time away from my family so I can go home on the weekends a more complete version of myself rather than a depleted version.  Taking care of myself right now is my path to peace.  Yet along my path, I pass people daily and I know that I am not the only one fighting a battle right now.  I don't know people's stories but I do know that most people have something they are dealing with on some level.  My hope as I walk beside people, or pass them on the street, is that they too find their freedom trail.

I wholeheartedly believe we each have a Freedom Trail available to us to give us peace in mind, body, and Spirit.  Often times we can get tangled in the busyness of life that we don't take the time to slow down to uncover our freedom trail.  

Whatever your battle is, I invite you to slow down - even if for a moment - and join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

It isn't in the busyness of life that we will find our freedom trail.  It is in the stillness.  And in that stillness, in that quiet, I hope that you can uncover what is your next step on your path to peace so you can grow into a more complete version of yourself; for yourself and for those you love.  I know from experience how the path is peace can be a struggle in itself, but as the historical stops around Boston remind me, sometimes it takes fighting a purposeful battle to be free.

With love and hope,


"You will guide our feet to the path of peace" - Luke 1:79