A Life Lesson from my 4-year-old

Me: Your rain boot is broken.

My 4-year-old: Yes it is but it is still a rain boot and I can still use it as a rain boot even when it's broken.

Me: ðŸ’¡

I loved this interaction with my little one because it reminded me how often we can let our brokenness (aka our struggles) define us. Yet they are NOT who we are. I am not cancer, I am still Shawn and can still be Shawn in spite of cancer.

Is your struggle like a cloud casting a shadow over who you are? If so, I invite you to take a moment to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Know this truth-

You are not your struggle. 

Like the rain is there to help the flowers grow, our struggles are meant to water the flowers that we are and help us grow too, from the inside out. It can be challenging to not let our struggles bury us. But if we let them, the darkness will get wider and the light dimmer. Instead lets practice deepening our roots of faith and rise up above our struggles, knowing they don't define us, and trusting they are there to help us grow into the people we were made to be.

I hope you have a puddle jumping kind of day💗🙏😊

With love and hope,