It's Time To Rest

Giving oneself permission to rest is easier said than done.  

I am just over two weeks post-op and as I mentioned in my last note, I am doing well overall.  But now that I am off meds and getting back into helping around the house (doing laundry, making lunches, bringing the kids to the bus stop and school, etc.)  I realize that life has not slowed down.  It doesn't slow down...

We need to choose to slow down.

I am growing more aware that there is a choice in front of me every day:

I can get swept up into the tide of our day or I can choose to anchor myself and direct the use of my time throughout the day.

I need to direct the use of my time throughout the day - and include in it time to rest.

As I mentioned, it is easier said than done.  I have kind of thrown myself back into life dismissing that I am still physically healing.  I need to take the time and give myself permission to heal.

I share this with you because I want you too to give yourself time to rest, time to heal.  We all need healing in our own ways...

Maybe you too are healing from a physical injury or surgery.

Maybe you are going through a tumultuous moment in life with an illness or in a relationship and need time to heal emotionally.

Maybe you are feeling anxious, depressed, and are in the pit and you need to heal mentally.

Maybe you are disconnected, unplugged or are feeling spiritually off and you need time to heal spiritually.

I could go on and on...

The truth is, we all need time to rest.  We need to gives ourselves permission to slow down and heal.  By doing so we will come out on the other side more whole, more complete.

And so I offer that each of us take a moment to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Let's ask ourselves, where do I need healing?

It's time to rest.  It's time to heal.

We can know this truth, or we can do it.  

I encourage you to come beside me today and together we put this truth into action.

Let us each take time to rest.  Let us take a step forward towards healing. Let us grow into a more complete version of ourselves.

With love and hope,


"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10