Light Your Candle

Yesterday I read a story about a man whose house lost power at night. He went to light candles for his family so they could see better and not have to navigate their way through their house in the dark. When he went to light the candles they started speaking to him. The candles had excuses as to why they were not ready to be lit and chose to remain unlit, not providing light to the man and his family while they were in the dark. 

When I looked up from this story, I saw these candles which have been sitting on a shelf on our home for the 12 years we have been married. We have never placed them on the table and used these candles; they have never been used for their purpose.

As I sat back I thought, "how many of us are unlit candles, having yet to put our purpose into action in this life?"

Today I offer for each of us to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Just as the man needed the candles to light up his home, the world needs us to light our candle within, align with our purpose in life, and put it into action to bring light into the world.

Let us choose to let our inner light shine today and brighten our space in this world, in our homes, in our communities and beyond.  

Don't leave your candle unlit, the world needs your light.

With love and light,

"Let your light shine before others…" - Matthew 5:16

*The book referenced above is God Came Near by Max Lucado