An Unexpected Gift


On my way in to my acupuncture appointment on Friday I received a random text from someone saying they had puppies.  I thought 'how cute' but they obviously texted the wrong number.  Yes, its almost been a year since we had to put Peyton down but we weren't ready for a puppy yet.

When I got out of my appointment I had a text from my husband saying to check out a website.  It was for a puppy.  When I went on the site the phone number caught my eye. I went back and forth with the text and realized the text and the website were the same place!  

We were baffled.  

Stephen said he did not provide a phone number.  We were confused... and intrigued. We reached out and asked where they were located and it turns out they were in Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes away from where we were going this weekend for our nephews first birthday party.  When I called to learn more, it turns out the puppies Dad happens to live in our hometown in CT.  I shared with the woman how this was all unexpected and there were so many coincidences and her response floored me.  She confidently stated that she believed in God and that there were no coincidences, that God orchestrates these things.  

She has no idea about me and my faith.  Hmmmm...was this a divine appointment, a God wink?  I believe so.

The cherry on top was about a month ago our children decided if we got another dog they wanted to name her Georgie, for George Washington, for some reason.  Stephen didn't realize this.  

After our nephews birthday party we went to a hotel located between where his sister lives and where were headed to get our puppy.  Where did we stay?  In Valley Forge. (Get it Valley Forge, George Washington.  This just kept getting better and better.)  So on our way to surprise our kids to pick up Georgie, we drove through the Vally Forge Historical Park where George Washington's troops stayed in 1777.    

We kept it a secret from our kids all weekend.  When they realized the random stop we were making was to get a puppy for our family, the pure joy that radiated from their faces was priceless.  And I realized the gift I was getting was more than a puppy, it was allowing myself to experience pure joy and allow myself to plan for the future which I hadn't been really allowing myself to do recently.

On Friday morning we were not planning on getting a puppy.  By noon we were.  As we drove to pick her up today, I knew nothing about this made sense yet it all made sense.  I am not sure what the next chapter holds, but I know our little love, Georgia, is a part of it, thanks to a random text that still makes no sense how it made it to my phone. 

Thank you, God for this unexpected gift of joy you've infused in my heart and for our sweet Georgia girl:-)

With a grateful heart,