Let them go...

Yesterday my sister called me and said she'd be in town and offered to bring my kids home with her for the night.  They live an hour away.

Some of you may be thinking "woohoo, that's awesome, a night alone without kids!"

My initial thoughts?  "Absolutely not!"


Because fear was the root of my reaction.  I thought about everything that could go wrong in the situation.  I thought of them driving with my sister on the highway and the unknowns of the road (as I experienced last week).  I thought about not having them close by to take care of them if they needed something...I thought of every excuse to say no.

As my thoughts started to run away from me I drew them to a screeching halt as I chose instead to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

This was all about me.  I wanted to control the situation.  I wanted to have them near me.  

I asked myself, "what is the wisest choice for them?"

On this day, in this situation, which will help them grow into their best self, staying home or a road trip with my sister to spend time with their cousins?

I realized I couldn't deny them this opportunity to experience life just because I was afraid.

I called my sister back and I let them go...

The last thing I want to be is the person that holds my kids back from experiencing life and allowing them to grow more solid as individuals.  I refuse to allow my irrational fears to be a stumbling block for them. (If my fears were rational, I'd be singing another tune;-)

The old me would have kept my kids home or said yes while melting into the quicksand of fear which would have inhibited me from enjoying the night with my husband.  Instead, I grounded myself in faith, hope and love last night.  I allowed truth to conquer fear and I had a great night with my husband.  And our kids?  They made wonderful memories with their aunt, uncle and cousins:-)

Be well,


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