A Mount Everest Moment

I had an aha moment this morning. My older two were bickering over nonsensical things.  I was disheartened by it and in my head made the anthill of a situation into Mount Everest.

I sat there listening to them wanting to say something but know they need to work out their own battles. It builds character - right?! 

I know siblings will have their moments but sometimes I could just do without the noise of it.

I paused.

I breathed.

I prayed.

Then I received an early Mother's Day gift.  Our little guy came downstairs.  He woke up with a fever last night and isn't feeling well.  And this happened...

Bed with buddies made by sister.

Crackers supplied by brother.

Comfort provided by P-dog.

Love pouring in from all.

My aha moment?

They will bicker but what matters is that they show up for one another when things matter.  

And they did:-)

I needed to focus my eyes on this and let them know I saw what they did for each other and this is who they were made to be - vessels for love.

I am grateful God opened my eyes to see this this morning.  This is now my Mount Everest moment - as it should be.

I hope you too are able to see the real Mount Everest moments today too.

Be well,