Easter Monday

It is only 7:15 am and I have had a rough day.  We had a lovely weekend with family but my kids are overtired and at each other this morning.  My patience is being tested beyond measure and I have lost it already on my little guy.  I want to send them back to bed but I guess I need to feed them before school.  

As I am walking around drowning in thoughts of negativity, self-pity and disgust I heard a thud.  

This frame fell off the wall in my kitchen.

I picked it up and then read the words.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances." 

I laughed.  How do you rejoice when your kids are driving you crazy.

Oh wait.  I have three kids who get to drive me crazy.

Pray continually? 

Yep, I was so deep in negative thoughts I never once invited God into the conversation in my mind.

Give thanks in all circumstances?!  Really?!?!

Well, I guess, I can give thanks for this rough morning and how it is drawing me back to prayer as a source of perspective and strength to tackle the rest of my morning.

I have always been a lyric and quote person.  In recent years I have also enjoyed the wisdom in scripture.  My husband laughs and says I can't put more words in our house, that people have to read through our home when they come over.

I don't put these things on the wall for people to see. I put them on my wall so I can be reminded of who I want to be.  And I am thankful this morning that this picture fell, stopped me from the downward spiral I was on and brought me back on to solid ground.

I am not sure how your Monday has started, I hope more peaceful than mine did.  However it started I just wanted to share, from my own experience, to remember to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

It will transform your day!  

It has mine, once again:-)

Be well,