Whose Prayer Can I Answer Today?

Prayer is transformative.  It can renew our mind, purify our heart, and refuel our soul.  Prayer is a powerful tool to help us to grow into our best selves.  Part of growing into our best self is recognizing we aren't here to simply build ourselves up.  Contrary to what the world around us may encourage, our purpose is to become the person we were made to be and use who we are to help build others up into their best selves as well.  

We are a vessel that can be an answer to someone else's prayers.

I offer for you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And meditate on this question:

  • Does a family member need a phone call?
  • Does a friend need an encouraging note?
  • Does a child need your time?
  • Does the teacher need an extra hand in class, or a few dollars for classroom supplies?
  • Does the cashier need someone to say hello to them and acknowledge their presence?
  • Could you bless with your excess to those in need, i.e. food to local pantries, clothing and shoes to a local shelter, games to a children's hospital, children's school artwork to a local nursing home, etc?

Let's each do our best today to fill up during our prayer time so that we can use our eyes to look for a need around us, and then do what we can, when we can, to answer someone else's prayer today.

Be well,