Clarity, Perspective and Peace

This morning my son woke up throwing up.  It also happens to be the day my daughter and I are supposed to go away for the night to see a concert, which was my birthday present from my husband.  As I write this I am still unsure of what will unfold for our family today.  What I do know is that my prayer time this morning gave me the answer on how to view the situation.  

This verse reflects to me that how I view my situation is significant.  I can get caught in the dark web of negativity or choose to step away from the situation and view it for what it is….not a big deal in the broad scheme of things - plus it's a day of snuggles with my little guy:-)  I am able to have more peace within and trust all will be well when I look at the whole picture rather than get caught up in the little moment.  I have greater empathy, compassion, understanding and am better able to communicate from a grounded heart than a cluttered one.

These are my circumstances today.  I am sure you have your own.

I offer for you when you start getting entangled in a web to...

Pause.  Breathe. Pray.

Give yourself the space to pray, open your eyes to truth, and even consider pondering the verse above.  Things in life are going to happen.  The way we view our circumstances will dictate our inner state of being.  

I am thankful for how my prayer time today prepared me for the unexpected day I am having.  I hope you too receive clarity, perspective and peace as you pray through your circumstances.

Be well,


*One more quick thing, "the whole body being filled with light" isn't about always being healthy as the world would suggest.  To me, "the body being filled with light" is about being at peace in spite of your circumstance, i.e. a sick child, possibly broken plans, etc.