Day 8 - Stay Focused With a Wide Lens

A handful of winters ago Stephen and I decided to go snowshoeing.  We only had our older two kids at the time and decided to bring them along.  A nice winter family hike or so I expected.

In my head this outing was going to be my workout for the day.  A hundred yards in I started getting frustrated at the pace we were going.  Two hundred yards in I was completely annoyed because my kids (who were probably four and five at the time) were not moving fast enough for my liking.

I was hurrying my kids along, walking ahead of everyone else and screaming out loud, "this was supposed to be fun!"  Rather than having a lovely afternoon outdoors with my family I turned it into an unpleasant experience.  

Are you so focused on your personal goals you are creating tension with those around you…and within yourself?

That snowshoeing experience reflected a hard truth to me; I was so focused on myself and what I wanted out of the walk, I didn't take into account the people around me.

Maybe you can relate.

Are you so narrow focused on your goals you are forgetting to broaden your view to see how your choices impact those around you?

Loving and caring for yourself is important yet so is loving on others. If I am tearing people down along my path, instead of building them up, then I am creating another place within myself I will need to work on to truly be my authentic self.   

I learned from our snowshoe outing that family time was not my time to workout.  I needed to weave that into a different part of my day.  Family time is not time to be selfish.  It is time to nourish relationships with loved ones.

Is there anything coming to mind where you need to make a shift?

Take a moment to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Ask that your eyes be opened to any selfish tendencies that negatively impact those around you.  Seek wisdom on how to become who you were made to be while being a vessel for love.  Then stay focused with a wide lens.

Be well,