With Gratitude - From Matty and Me

This is where I find myself every morning writing to you.  And this is my little guy Matty.  Every morning, as I finish up my posts, he wiggles his way beside me and keeps me company.

My New Years resolution was to wake up early each day and write an encouraging word for someone who may need it.  This past month's 30 day challenge was to encourage you to start living from the inside out.    

Thinking that someone else may be positively impacted by something I wrote gave me the motivation to get out of bed to sit and write.  Every comment, email, and conversation about these posts were fuel in my tank.  Some posts may have been needed for one person to hear, others may have resonated with many people.  I simply wanted to show up and make a difference, no matter how small, or large.  

Thank you for taking the time to read, whether you responded in some way or not doesn't matter.  You were my inspiration.

I have to admit, I am tired. 4:30 is for the birds.  I plan to continue to write but may not post daily.  Moving forward, each month I plan to (although plans are always subject to change) have a theme which my posts will center around.  I will use the chapters from the second half of my book as my guide for the themes, including encouraging you on your journey with wellness, health, marriage, parenting, becoming debt free, using time wisely, acts of love, etc.  

In February my posts will focus on wellness.

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I look forward to walking beside you, learning and growing together on our journeys to live authentically, in all areas of our life.

Enjoy your day!

With Gratitude,

Matty and Me