Day 3 - Take the Way Out

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As a wellness coach, one significant tool towards clients success was to have them identify obstacles that may inhibit them from reaching their goals.  Once the obstacles were identified, the clients would then list the ways they could overcome each obstacle.

Some examples include:

  • If someone wanted to get up early but an obstacle was the snooze button, they may choose to leave their alarm across the room making them get up to shut it off.
  • If someone was trying to eat healthier but they had a lot of unhealthy options available to them at home, or at work, a way to overcome that obstacle is to plan ahead.  They would make healthy snack options easily available to them in those places where they may be tempted, i.e. the fridge, cabinet, their desk, in their bag/purse.  
  • If their workout time was first thing in the morning but had an early meeting one day, to write down on their calendar a different time they were going to workout that day.
  • If someone wanted to get up early to read/meditate/pray but their kids sometimes get up too early, ways out can include choosing a back up time to do it during the day or establishing age-appropriate options for the kids to occupy themselves until they are finished.
  • If someone was trying to be debt free and be disciplined with their finances and had an event at the end of the week where they needed to spend a certain amount of money, they needed to sit down and budget wisely for the week to be sure they stayed within their means.
  • If spending quality time with a loved one was their goal, they would mark it on the calendar to solidify the day, time and plans so if anything else came up, they can say they already have an appointment scheduled.

Whatever your goals are this year, I encourage you today take time today to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.


1. Write down known, or possible, obstacles for this week that may inhibit you from             reaching your goals.
2.  Under each obstacle write down ways out to overcome that obstacle.

When you meet an obstacle during the week, trust there is a way out, find it, then take it.  It will empower you to know that you were made to be stronger than any temptation.  

Be well,