Day 28 = Day 1

When I used to have a bad day, it would tangle me up for a week, or longer.  I would allow my thoughts to replay my mistakes on repeat and beat myself up mentally for my wrong doing.  As I have grown in my faith I have come to learn that God doesn't want me to get wrapped up in my mistakes.  

Every day is new.  

I am learning to learn from my mistakes yesterday and use those experiences to further grow into the person I am meant to be.

If you are holding onto a mistake from yesterday, yesterweek (my 3 year old recently coined that term:-)) or yesteryear I encourage you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Let it go.  Give it to God.  His mercy is bigger than your mistakes.  Trust Him with it.  

"Your past as a rudder that guides you, not an anchor that drags you." - Warren W. Wiersbe 

Start today fresh and new growing into the person you were created to be; being guided by what you learned from yesterday.  It's Day 1 of the rest of your life...

Be well,