Day 21 - Be Who You Are

Last night my husband had me cracking up about something.  I had tears in my eyes and my belly hurt from laughing so much.  It was awesome.  I love his sense of humor and how he can make me laugh out loud.

I, on the other hand, as you probably have gathered from all these posts, tend to be a more serious person.  I have not always embraced this about myself.  For the majority of my life I have actually fought being who I was made to be.  I have wanted to change things about myself on the inside and outside.  This perspective created a negative mind set and a discontent heart.  When I stepped back and saw how displeased I was with myself, I realized I was not only discontent, I was actually following other people's paths in life hoping that would bring me the peace I was seeking.

It has been a journey to grow more and more comfortable in my own skin and walk on my own path yet doing so has been a gift not only to myself, but to my family.  My husband has a wife who is more at peace and content than ever.  Also, I am a better example for my children now.  I want them to grow up confident in their own skin.  It would break my heart to see them resisting who they are!  I want them to see that we are each beautifully and wonderfully made and embrace it, run with it, and live a life being the unique people God made them to be!

If you find yourself resisting who you are, inside or out, and/or following someone else's path instead of walking on your own,  I offer for you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Be sure the goals you are working towards are not changing who you are but instead are refining who you were made to be.  Be who you are and be that well.  When you do you will find God's peace growing in your heart.

Be well,