Day 2 - May Your Cup Overflow

A new day filled with hope!  

The crazy thing is that even on day 2, the whispers of doubt and excuses are already pouring in.  If we allow the whispers of doubt and excuses to grow louder we are emptying ourselves of truth and we can't pour into ourselves (or others) from an empty cup.  

Quiet those whispers by:




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Know that prayer isn't about getting God to bend our way, but to align ourselves with God's ways.  Take time to be still and align with love.  Lets nourish our Spirit this morning by filling up on love and renewing our minds.  Let us have faith that we are more than our goals yet knowing that meeting them will help us be our best self.  When we are our best self we can then be the vessel of love we were created to be spreading love to others.


So today, quiet the whispers through prayer, fill up on love, be your best self and may your cup overflow with blessings.

Be well,