Day 16 - An Altruistic View

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Sometimes with setting and meeting goals we can unintentionally put others down so that we can raise ourselves up.  Getting caught in the comparison trap just tangles us up from growing into our best self.  When we work towards meeting our goals with an altruistic view rather than with an egocentric perspective, we are following the path of peace.

I have walked the egocentric route and it spiraled me into a pit of despair.  I was so focused on myself, I was building walls between myself and others, and as I share in the book, my family became a burden.  As I learned to shift and walk with an altruistic lens, I realized that part of my becoming my best self was to also lift others around me up and help them to become their best self too.  Since putting that into practice I am more at peace within than I have ever been and my family ties are stronger than ever.

I offer for you to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Be honest with yourself and ask which lens have you been wearing.  Whatever your answer, respond with love, meeting yourself where you are.  Then set an intention for today and walk in the direction of bettering yourself, and others, along the way.

Be well,