Day 10 - Grow Strong Roots

Last night my husband and I saw "The Revenant."  It was an intense film that left me with one line echoing in my head...

The twists and turns, unpredictability and temptations in life are the wind we experience.  As we take another step towards the goal(s) (physical, relational, financial, occupational, etc) we have set for ourselves, I invite you to ponder this question with me:

What are you rooted in that will help  you stand upright when the winds of temptation come your way?

For me, it is my faith (although it was a journey to get there).  

What is it for you? 

When a tree has strong roots it can withstand the force of winds blowing at it.  And because of its deep roots, the tree is able to be flexible and sway with the wind but not be broken by it.  The wind actually helps the tree strengthen from the inside out.

Today when the winds of temptation come to veer us off course ...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Let's root ourselves in wisdom and truth of knowing that we were made strong enough to withstand any temptation.  I invite you to even be thankful for the temptations because they provide us the opportunity, like the tree, to grow stronger from the inside out and deepen our roots as we overcome them.

Be well,