Day 1 - Happy New Year 2016!

I hope your day has started off well.  I, like many, have been pondering what my New Year resolutions will be.  As I thought about them it occurred to me that I have never kept a resolution from the start of the year to the end of the year.  

I asked myself, "why?"

I realized my goals were more focused on changing the outside than the inside.  Unless a transformation happens in my heart and mind, no resolution will be maintained.  Therefore, I have decided to choose five tools to focus on that will help me sustain my resolutions and, more importantly, grow into my best self.

1.   Have Faith

2.  Be Disciplined

3.  Be prepared for, and overcome, temptation

4.  Remain Hopeful

5.  Trust love

If you are interested in transforming from the inside out, I invite you to come beside me.  Today, I am launching...

"Live From the Inside Out 2016"

For the next 30 days you will receive encouragement and inspiration, on the five keys of transformation above, to build you up to be your best self.  Best of all it is FREE!  To sign up, simply follow me on:


and/or sign up for my blog:

Invite your family and friends to join us!  The more the merrier:-) 

I would be honored to walk beside you on your journey, encouraging and inspiring you along the way to be your best self.  Life is too short and precious to be any less than who you were made to be.  

Be well,


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