Remembering 9/11

My Mom sent me an email this week.  It was a story about a professor who handed all of his students a white piece of paper.  In the middle of a paper was a black dot.  The professor told his students to write about what they saw.  

After they were finished writing, the professor collected his student's papers and read aloud what each person saw.  Once he had read through all of their responses, he shared with them that what was most interesting is everyone wrote about the black dot.  

No one wrote about the white space.

As we pause to remember 9/11, may we not see the black dot of hate that caused this day to be marked in history.  

Instead I offer to you to remember the white space of love that formed around the black dot.  

This is a beautiful story about the white space on that day.  Take the time to watch this.  

It is worth it.


On this day in history, all that truly mattered rose to the surface.

                                            - and everything else was insignificant.

The people who promote hate don't take a day off.  Why should we?

Join me in making the commitment to LIVE OUT LOVE every day.