Embracing Change

A couple years ago a friend had to cancel our plans for a playdate because one of her children was sick.  In her email to me she wrote:

When I read these words I laughed.  I realized how often when the plans I had created in my head changed (or were cancelled), it through me for a loop.  

Take a moment to think about the last time the plans you had in your head fell through. Would you say you handled it with grace and ease or were you worked up about it?

When I read those words from my friend it gave me perspective.  I realized that there is a bigger plan in my day than the one I am planning in my head.  And it freed me from gripping too tightly around my day to day plans.

Yet, as much perspective as I received about changing plans, there are also life changes that happen.  I am learning there is room for growth for me in this area.  I am not as good at embracing the larger changes in life as I am the smaller ones.  Although the circumstances may be different, the choices are the same:

- To embrace the change and trust the process

- To resist the change and create inner (and maybe outer) tension around it

Sounds like an easy choice yet living it out is much easier said than done.  I am speaking from experience as I am currently wrestling with embracing a change in my life.  

I have two dear friends moving this week and it is really hard to see them go.  They have been pillars of strength and hope in my journey the past six years.  As much as I would love for them to stay, I know this move is the next step in their journey, and the right thing for their families.  I am practicing letting go of my desires, embracing this change and trusting God's plan.  This doesn't mean I will not experience the real emotions that go with it.  I am riding on waves of emotions, having moments of peace with dips of sadness.  As I ride along I am simply doing my best to continuously practice letting go of what is not mine to control and trust that good will come from this.

What is a change you are currently wrestling with?  

Whether you are working on embracing the small or large changes in your life, I offer you to:  

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And simply do your best to embrace change and trust that God's plans are bigger (and better) than your own.  

Be well,