Dear Older Siblings, Thank you. Love, Your Younger Siblings

The other day I took my youngest child on walk.  He ate Cheetos for his snack at 8:30 am.

When I used to walk with my daughter, her snack was peas.

Dear Older Siblings,

Thank you for eating peas, having earlier bedtimes, not having candy or tv until age 3, and having more restrictions on you than we, your younger siblings, ever had.  Thank you for hearing 'no' more often, for paving the path for us and pretty much wearing down (aka refining) our parents so they could see what was worth a battle and what wasn't.

Thank you for cleaning up our dishes, getting us dressed, and putting our toys away.  Thank you for reading us stories, being the best playmates, and dealing with us following you around like a puppy.

Thank you for helping Mom and Dad teach us right from wrong and leading by example (most of the time).  You didn't choose your role in the family but you owned it, and I am better for it.

Thank you!


Your Younger Siblings

Dedicated to Petey, Tricia and Kathy, the best siblings ever!