What Are You Growing This Spring?

Spring is here on the calendar, although it has yet to present itself outside.  I love spring.  Being able to go on walks, bike rides, hikes, etc., soak up the sun and enjoy good company nourishes my soul.  As I joyfully anticipate no coats and flip-flops, I have been thinking about the beauty of a seed.  

When a seed is planted, it grows from the warmth of the sun and is nourished by the soil and water.  When cared for, it grows into what it was made to be.  Then we get to reap the benefits of its beauty, whether a flower or fruit, vegetable or tree.

Each of us is planting a garden in our mind every day with our thoughts.  

The question is, are we planting are garden of flowers or weeds? 

For the majority of my life I was planting a weed garden.  It was full of fear, worry, discontent and anxiety.  I am a work in progress as I learn to weed out the negative and in its place plant the seeds of love, peace, gratitude, and joy.  This new garden doesn't bloom without being tended to.  The weeds still work their way in.  I do my best to weed them out and focus my time and energy nourishing the flowers.  It is worth the effort!  The more I care for the flowers, the more I find myself unfolding into the person I was made to be. 

Today I encourage you to:

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Take the first step to begin removing any weeds from your garden.  Then purposefully plant the seeds you need, nourish them, and allow yourself to unfold into the person you were made to be.