Got the Winter Blues?

I am not sure about you, but I can feel the challenges that come at this point in winter creeping in on me.  The lack of sunshine, fresh air and cold can wear on the soul.  I know when the darkness hits for me sometimes I can get tangled in it.  It used to pull me down for days, weeks and/or months before I could unwrap myself from its grip.  A number of years ago someone shared with me something that helped them.  As I started putting it into practice it has helped me as well and I share it with you today in case it can help you:


Let's practice taking our eyes off the darkness and look where we can shine a light and plant a seed of hope.  From a spouse, child, neighbor, whomever…begin to look around to see what ways you can bless someone else.  It doesn't have to be something big, just simple blessings that nourish the soul of the receiver and the giver.

I pray even though outside it may be dark, the light of love shines within you and warms your soul - as well as other's through your words and actions:-)

Be well,


*Please note if you are experiencing something more significant, such as depression, please keep your eyes focused on getting yourself to more solid ground.*