Practice Patience

Be patient. 

It is a beautiful concept but not always the easiest to put into practice.  There are four words that will demonstrate why practicing patience is critical for me:

I am a Mom.

From brushing knotted hair, having a picky eater to having to hear a tantrum every time I say no, being patient is an essential tool as a parent.  I have admittedly thrown my own adult tantrums when I have been impatient during these moments.  When I practice patience I remember to...

Pause.  Breathe.  Pray.

Pausing means to not say or do anything.  Simply be still in the moment and allow what the natural reaction would be to pass.

Breathing deeply is a great too to gather all the things you want to say or do and exhale them away clearing the clutter to unveil love.

Praying for me is aligning my words and actions with God (aka love).  While I am still and breathing, I ask myself what is the best expression of love right now?  And then do my best to live out love.

These three tools have helped me grow in patience as a parent…and really in all aspects of my life.  This is not a perfect practice for me, but one worthy of returning to over and over again.

I offer them to your today.  Pause.  Breath.  Pray (aka align with love).

Be patient with yourself.

Be patient with others.

And live out love.