Coupons! Discounts! And Deals! Oh My!

This time of year those words, deals, coupons, discounts, are flying off our phones, computers and newspapers at us.  They can lure us in and make us get things we don't need and spend money we don't have.  


I have been there and done that.  


Just because everything is available does not mean everything is beneficial.


This is a great meditation I use to keep me on track financially, especially this time of year .  I used to get a coupon in my email and think I had to use it, when not using it at all saves me even more money!  I used to buy five smaller gifts for $10 each than buying one larger gift for $40 that my kids would use more because it cost more.  In reality, getting the one gift my kids would play with more rather than five smaller gifts they never use actually saves me $10.  I struggled with their being less under the tree but am learning less isn't a negative thing.  I am still tempted by the ads and am grateful for meditations, like the one above, to use as a tool to help bring my eyes clarity.

Other tools I use to help me stay on track financially are:

  • Stephen and I make a budget for giving to those in need and presents.
  • I make a list detailing each person I am buying for and where we are giving.  
  • I make a budget for each person we buy presents for and for each place we are giving.
  • I write in ideas for each person that fall within the budget I made.
  • Once I have given or bought a present, I write in what I spent to keep me on track.

This system has given me peace not only during this time of year but also in January when we don't have bills to pay.  It has been liberating to live within our means and still be able to give to those in need and buy presents for loved ones and others on our path in life.

I am sharing this today in hopes to shine a light for someone who lives the way we were living and give them hope there is another path, a path of financial peace. 

I hope you have a joyful season and keep your eyes on what really matters; loving on others.

Be well,


PS For more information about our financial journey read chapter 26, "Serving Money?" in my book and  visit my Financial Encouragement page for resources we used that may help your on your journey to financial freedom.