I Get To….

Today replace "I have to" with "I get to."

For example, I get to...

- get up

- pray and meditate

- workout

- shower

- empty the dishwasher

- make my family breakfast

- clean up

- do the laundry

- make lunches for my family

- bring my older kids to the bus stop

- bring my little guy to school

- work

- pick up my children from school

- take my kids to the playground

- help my kids with their homework

- spend time with my family

- make dinner for my family

- eat dinner as a family

- clean up again

- give my little guy a shower

- read books with my kids

- say prayers as a family

- tuck my kids into bed

- kiss them goodnight

- spend time with my husband

- go to sleep in a cozy bed

- wake up and do it all over again tomorrow

Someone, somewhere doesn't "get to" do these things.  Let's appreciate what we "get to" do today.

Be well,