Life's Resolutions

I was listening to a podcast the other day and this quote really hit me:

This is such a powerful meditation to keep with me through my day.  Not knowing at the time but as I have been working on bettering my marriage, my parenting, our finances, etc. over the past number of years, I was living out this quote.

As I share in the Introduction in my book, I am learning to look ahead to what I hope for, and then rewind to the moment, and do my best to live out what is needed so that I can achieve the outcome I desire.

If I hope for a strong marriage, I need to nourish it today through my words and actions.

If I hope to have children who are grounded in love and wisdom as they walk off on their own, I need to start today by leading by example and do my best to fill their hearts and minds with love and wisdom.

When we wanted to be debt free, I had to make choices to NOT spend on little things.  When those little things added up (i.e. my latte = $80/month), we were able to pay down our debt quicker.

If I hope to be well, I need to take the time to nourish myself by being still and connecting with love (aka God) everyday.

If I hope to be healthy, I need to take steps to eat well, exercise, rest, etc. to move in the direction of that intention.

I hope that when we meet a fork in the road today, that we

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

and in that moment gain wisdom on which path to take that will lead us on the path of peace.  Let's not give up on what we want the most, for what we want in the moment.

Be well,