I have a pair of boots I received as a gift years ago.  The zipper broke on one of them.  I contemplated donating them but then I would need to get another pair of boots.  I opted to get them fixed.

I arrived at the shoe repair man and he said it would cost $35 to fix the zipper.  That was more than I wanted to spend but less than a new pair of boots.  He rummaged through his stash of zippers looking for one that would match.  When he pulled a black zipper that was not a match for the silver one originally on it I asked how much it would be to replace the other boots zipper as well.  His response was $60 for both.


I have the money but is spending an extra $25 to fix a perfectly good zipper where our money needs to go?

I paused. Breathed.  Prayed.

No.  It wasn't the wisest choice, especially the week before Christmas.

I told him to please fix the one boot.

I picked up my boot yesterday and have worn them since.  In the moments when I remember my mismatched zippers I naturally wonder what people think.  Yet on this journey to live from the inside out the outside opinions, and comments, are holding less weight to living out love and truth.

Guess doing the right thing can sometimes look odd (literally).

Today I made a donation.  When I wrote in $25 as the amount I smiled.  I realized this money was much better spent helping those in need rather than on my perfectly functional boot.  And the peace I received was unmatched.