The Inconvenient Truth

My youngest is sick with croup.  My middle guy woke up this morning saying he wasn't feeling great.  

Do you ever have a day when it just isn't going to fit into your plans for them to be sick?

That was me this morning. 

He was feeling dizzy and his stomach hurt.  Rather than being compassionate towards him, all I could think about was that it was two days before Christmas and I have places to go and things to do.  I even threw out the "if you stay home you will miss your Holiday party" to see if there was a change in his story.  

There wasn't.

I paused. Breathed. Prayed.

I realized that my wanting to send him to school was because it would be more convenient for me to do what needs to get done rather than what was best for his health, and the health of the other kids in class.

I (begrudgingly) told him he would be staying home to rest today.

The wisest choice isn't always convenient, and that is the inconvenient truth.

It took a little while but once I was able to look past my plans I came to see the gift this day has been, to have a day of rest at home with my boys.