Pause.  Breathe. Pray. 

Live out love


It will transform your day, and life ~ I know from experience.  

Anxiety. Depression. Cancer.

Yes, those have all been a part of my journey but they are not who I am.

Who am I?

I am Shawn Elizabeth George, a stay-at-home mom who is married to my patient husband and we have three incredible children. We live in my hometown in Connecticut.  I am an inspirational author, writer, speaker and teacher. I love quality time with my family, walk and tea dates with my friends, and bridging hearts with others ~ even by exchanging a simple smile with a stranger.

I am transparent about my struggles in life with others.


Because I know someone else is out there right now going through their own struggle.  It may be anxiety, depression, cancer, or any other struggle in life.

If I can infuse HOPE into even one struggling heart, my being transparent is worth it.


Whatever your struggle, remember the caterpillar needs those dark days in the chrysalis to be transformed into the butterfly.  The dark times are hard but hold on to hope; it is the anchor for the soul.  

With love and hope,