Pause.  Breathe. Pray.


It will transform your day.


I know from experience.


Hi!  I am Shawn Elizabeth George.  I am a stay-at-home mom who is married to my patient husband and we have three incredible children along with our sweet black lab. We live in my hometown, a small, suburban town in Connecticut.  I am an author, speaker and yoga teacher. I love quality time with my family, being active, bridging hearts with others and I often have a stash of dark chocolate, caramel sea salt nuggets in my freezer:-)

For decades anxiety and depression have been the mud stuck to my soul inhibiting me to be who I was created to be.  Since 2009, when I fell into my deepest pit of anxiety and depression, I have been on a journey to change my core from fear to love. 

I share my story in my book, My Journey to Live From the Inside Out, of my struggles and coming back to my faith which was instrumental in my standing on solid ground today.  I also share how when I started learning who God really is, and took his word and started putting it into practice in the various areas of my life, including my view on wellness, health, marriage, parenting, finances, use of time and acts of love, how my life has been transformed.

People have said I am brave to be as transparent as I am.  I don't feel brave but I am transparent.  


Because I know someone else is out there right now experiencing exactly what I have experienced.  If I can bring hope to even one struggling heart it is worth it.

I invite you to let go of what the world tells you to be, and instead, join me in living from the inside out growing into the people God made us to be.  

Be well,