Why did I write My Journey to Live From the Inside Out?

Someone, somewhere right now is struggling and I want them to know they are NOT alone.  My mission is to infuse hope into those struggling hearts and encourage others that they have value and a purpose.  There IS another side of the struggle.  The caterpillar needed the time in the chrysalis in order to become a butterfly, and the same is true for us.  Our dark times are not made to define us, but to refine us and transform us into a better version of who God made us to be.  I share from my experience...

Anxiety. Depression. (and now cancer.)

Yes, those have all been a part of my journey but they are not who I am.

Who am I?

I am a stay-at-home mom who is married to my patient husband, Stephen.  We have three incredible children, Kate, Gavin and Matthew and a sweet black lab, Georgia. We live in my hometown in Connecticut.  I love quality time with my family, walk and tea dates with my friends, and connecting with others beyond the surface, from our hearts where our truth resides.

I would be honored to walk beside you through your journey, infusing hope into your heart along the way.

With love and hope,